Puerto Rico’s Legendary New Years Party at the Caribe Hilton


It’s the party of the year—literally!

New Year's Wonderland at the Caribe Hilton offers you an exceptional experience you will never forget:

  • Six party atmospheres or themes
  • Mind-blowing music by top local and international talent
  • A spectacular setting in a gorgeous oceanfront hotel
  • All-inclusive drinks, after midnight paella and continental breakfast
  • The best party scene in the Caribbean!

This event will sell out

Counting down the days...

You’ll have the time of your life!

The party scene in Puerto Rico is hot, and not just because of the weather.
Puerto Ricans are known for their friendly and festive personalities.
Their right to party is as important as their right to free speech.

Make your next New Year’s Eve an experience of a lifetime.
Come and celebrate it with us.

Since 2002, this legendary party has entertained more than 50,000 people from all over the world. Described by the local press as “the most awaited event of the year,” New Year’s Eve Wonderland offers the best setting, the best music and the best crowd of local and international party heavyweights.
Don’t miss it!

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